Why is video marketing important?

People are engaging much more with videos than ever before. Due to this high demand, we are here to guide you through the facts. We will share some relevant information about the importance of video marketing that will give you a quick start on your video marketing strategy.

Key points:

Understand – What is video marketing?
Increase – Engagement on social media channels
Invest – Why video converts better
Improve – Visual content is better than a page loaded with words

Statistics speak for themselves: 86% of business strategies use video in 2022 as a powerful marketing tool.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is an effective way to promote your product or service and guides potential customers to make their buying decisions along the customer journey. So what is the difference between video marketing and normal online videos?

In videomarketing, you spread a proposition, a marketing message strategically placed in your marketing mix, like on your website, information platforms, campaigns, social media channels, etc. The message is the same, but often the video is different per channel.

This means that the videos in your (video) marketing strategy often contain clear goals, a conversion goal that is part of your video marketing plan.

metmotion-videomarketing-action day, behind the scenes.
Filming day – Another day of action.

Increase – engagement on social media channels

FACT: According to Hootsuite statistics show that 4.6 billion people around the globe use social media channels daily, and 68% use them to educate themselves about their favorite brands, companies, products, and services. Knowing where your target audience is and in which phase of the buying process they are, allows you to advertise more effectively, helping you build up a brand voice that resonates.

customer's journey 5 stages

Hence delivering the right message at the right time can actually increase the chance of converting them into customers and influencing their buying decision.

For that reason, you want to be where your audience is and share them with content that is fun, eye-catching and easy to consume. 
That’s why we are going to share 5 powerful tips on how you can increase engagement through video marketing on social media channels.

Tip 1: Create a great hook

Use the first few seconds of your video to create an impact and capture your audience’s attention. The great idea is to create a great hook because it is essential for people to remember a message better and to spark in your audience the curiosity and desire for learning, keeping them around.

A hook is essential because it is a quick opening statement preview of what’s coming up in your video, and it’s crucial to be striking because it will help the reader decide whether or not to press play or skip.

Some tips are:

  • Nail on the title (ask a question, hint a story, start with a problem & offer a solution)
  • Try to come up with a surprising statement
  • Leave your readers with questions, etc.

Or another great way is by uploading an eye-catch thumbnail. These thumbnails are an image that acts as the preview image for your video. They are a great way to grab your audience’s attention and get them excited about your video even before it starts playing. It’s like a book cover and what you can’t miss out on is:

  • Include title text to deliver context
  • Use the best font style
  • Fine contrast with bright background
  • Use a relevant and great image

Tip 2: Tell & sell a story NOT your product or service

Tell a story. A video marketing strategy helps you to achieve that.

People love stories, so that’s why video marketing is important to help you create appealing content that adds value to your audience. Videos that are poor in content and have no impactful message behind them are likely to be skipped.

For example, Coca-Cola created a viral video that helped them to build brand recognition by surprising their employees with gifts to thank them for all their effort and hard work.

Videos like that create an emotional connection with the brand and on a personal level, resulting in a high engagement of likes, comments, and shares because people love to share real stories they can connect with as humans.

Learn how to create a business story: How to Tell Your Company’s Story

Tip 3: Include CTA’s

The goal is not only to combine a great video with a creative call-to-action but help your audience to know what to do next. Encourage your audience to find out more about your content, follow your page, make a purchase or simply learn more about your product or service.

Help them take that next step with a call to action (CTA). We will share some tips on the best call-to-action to add to your video:

  • Contact us today or book a meeting with us. This will allow your audience to contact your support or sales team to discuss the details of their future order.
  • Get a demo. If a person has watched your video, they are definitely interested in your product, and CTA will allow them to get a custom demo to try.
  • Free trial. If you can offer a potential client to get a free trial of your service, do not miss an opportunity to test your company and get back once they like it.
  • Sign up for a newsletter. This CTA is GREAT for your audience to receive the latest news from your company and receive exclusive promo codes.

Hint! Make Your Call to Actions Mobile-friendly – According to workstream, about 92% of people that watch videos on their phones will share them. That said, imagine what does this mean for you? It means that if you’re not using video as a marketing strategy, you are not taking advantage of the benefits this can bring to your business, running the risk of falling behind your competition and missing out on creating a positive brand image leading to more revenue and visibility.

Tip 4: Optimize it for search

For sure you don’t want your audience and prospects to miss out on finding your videos. Therefore, it is important to make it easy and relevant for search engine crawlers to consume and find your video. Think about the important keywords you want to rank highly for. Here are some tips to ensure your videos will show up in the search:

  • Use the first few lines of text to explain what the video is about using search-friendly keywords and natural language.
  • Keep titles concise (60 characters) with the most important information upfront.

Check that your titles don’t get cut off in suggested videos, search results, and mobile.

Tip 5: Engagement is steady up to 2 minutes

People’s attention span is getting shorter as social media influence the world with visual experiences. For instance, on social media, users usually scroll quickly as their time is at a premium. They are looking to consume content quickly once they have busy lives, or they could be doing more than one thing at a time, thus making their attention short. So, remember to have your videos shorter than 2 minutes to achieve the most viewer engagement.

Video converts better

According to wyzow statistics, video conveys emotional connection. That’s why video is one of the most effective mediums to humanize your brand and boost engagement. Now, imagine if you could understand exactly which stage your audience is in and evoke specific emotions at every phase of their buyer’s journey? 

Understanding the buyer’s journey finetunes your marketing strategy, nurtures your customers buying decisions at every phase, and​​ avoids the mistakes that turn them off, enabling you to produce relevant and high-quality content that will convert.

Visual content is better than a page loaded with words

Another advantage of video is that our eyes like action. It draws more attention and is effortless because our brain processes visuals better and interprets/remember them much more quickly than texts. Not to mention that video generates 1200% more shares than images and text.

You’ll engage with your audience faster because it combines audio and visual stimulus that easily explains a product and service concept in a simple and understandable way.

Like they say: “A video speaks more than a thousand words.”

Some valuable recap tips:

  • Use appealing and eye-catch cover images before pressing play because that’s when they decide if they want to move ahead and – click.
  • Be creative, unique, and powerful. Tell a story about how your product will solve their problem by touching their pain and need points.
  • Make short videos of up to 2 minutes for a higher engagement, with high-quality content, try to capture the attention in the first few seconds.
  • Last but not least, include a clear call-to-action (CTA) that will tell guide them to take the action you want.

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